IT Services Monitoring

Monitoring of IT services includes a constant observation of the indicators of availability, the performance of IT services, utilization of capacities, KPI of business processes, information security events.

  1. Designing a measurement system for IT services, building a service resource model
  2. Designing an architecture for a production IT service environment
  3. Implementation of IT services monitoring in a production environment
  4. Integration of Zabbix and data source systems, including Service Manager
  5. Setting up role-based access to monitoring dashboards
What we offer as a service
Business analysis of automated processes, design of a monitoring system for quality indicators of IT services
Monitoring the health status of the server and network infrastructure, software, services, information security events
Monitoring of aggregated quality indicators of IT services and process business metrics
Designing role-based dashboards with quality indicators of IT services, KPIs of processes and employees, information security events
Configuring notification systems for incidents and potential problems
Integration of the monitoring system (Zabbix) with data source systems and equipment
Technical support and administration of the monitoring system
We are a reliable partner

Our competencies in the field of monitoring computer systems and networks:

  • experience in monitoring systems and databases in Zabbix
  • measurement systems are based on international standards
  • data visualization in Grafana
  • predictive data analytics

The full cycle of software testing is regulated and allows avoiding situations when released software readiness is doubtful


Development processes are simple and transparent to our clients. They are free to follow every stage of the development of their solutions

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