BPM System Implementation (PEGA)


Pega Platform is a unified software development architecture that integrates customer interaction and processes automation. A comprehensive solution focused on the client's scenario with the ability to flexibly respond to changes.

  1. Consulting and business analysis for the customer
  2. Implementation plan approval
  3. Software solution implementation
  4. Project needs customization
  5. External systems integration
  6. Prototype demo
  7. Staff training
  8. Administration and tech support
What we offer as a service
PEGA-platform Development consultation
System implementation by the certified specialists
Selecting the most suitable PEGA solution for your business
Techn support and administration
System update
System audit and testing
DevOps and other engineering Works
Flexible complex high-quality software solution

Development according to Best Practices by an experienced team of certified professionals:

  • 5+ years of experience in implementing PEGA solutions
  • more than 20 successful projects;
  • 5 certified PEGA specialists.

Our gained experience allows us to reduce the goal-achieving time to the minimum


The full cycle of software testing is regulated and allows avoiding situations when released software readiness is doubtful

Budget Control

We are honest about all our operations, and notify our clients about even the slightest possible changes in the budgets of the development

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