Cybersecurity Audit

Audit tool with in-depth interviews with employees will allow an organization to assess and predict risks, manage threats' impact on business processes, and increase the level of security of the information system.

  1. Initial analysis of business requirements
  2. Conducting preliminary reconnaissance and interviews
  3. External testing
  4. Internal testing
  5. System security report

What we offer as a service
Current infrastructure inventory
List of passively detected vulnerabilities
List of recommendations to address vulnerabilities
Development of the information security policy
Plan for the implementation of information security policy
Professional audit from experts

We will always respond to your requests, provide support at every stage and assist in exactly those tasks that are important to you.


Our gained experience allows us to reduce the goal-achieving time to the minimum


The full cycle of software testing is regulated and allows avoiding situations when released software readiness is doubtful

Budget Control

We are honest about all our operations, and notify our clients about even the slightest possible changes in the budgets of the development

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