Black Box web application Security Testing

Black Box web application Security Testing
What we did
Security Testing
Vulnerability Assessment

Client Background
Coinchange is a digital asset management company that merges services of traditional finance with digital currencies and assets in a safe, convenient and profitable way.
Coinchange is also a fintech platform that aims to bring DeFi and crypto wealth management to the general public and provide high-yield passive income, making everyone a successful investor.

Business Challenge
Aiming to enhance the protection of the web application against cyber attacks, VEBTECH needed to identify all security weaknesses of the web application and mitigate the risk of misusing the network services.

The security testing approach suggested by VEBTECH was based on the OWASP security testing guidelines. VEBTECH presented a solution to Coinchange, which included:

• Black Box web application Security Testing;
• Vulnerability Assessment: discovering all vulnerabilities in the target web and application servers with the use of known automated tools, developed specific tests and manual instrumental testing.

Black Box Testing with the provision of a detailed report that contains:
• Description of the application testing methodology;
• Application overview
• Severity level and description of vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses that can be exploited in application components;
• Evidence;
• Recommendations for eliminating or minimizing risks;
• Reference Information.

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