Core Banking System

Expanding the package services you offer and introducing some new technologies require the development and customization of the automated banking system.

A large number of systems used in modern banking require a complex integration process.

BankFusion Equation System based on IBM System I platform is flexible yet reliable.

Our experienced development team can create software modules of different levels of complexity, including the ones that use the ITP of the platform creators.

Engineers of VEB Technologies work on all kinds of banking systems: from the simplest reporting programs to complex solutions that automate the work of entire departments.

  1. Primary business requirements analysis
  2. Design documentation processing
  3. Software complex develpment
  4. Data migration
  5. Integration with external systems
  6. Quality assurance
  7. Implementation and user support
  8. Project technical support
What we offer as a service
Equation-based software development
Integration with other banking systems
Integration with payment systems
Integration with the banking system
Credit and deposit modules
Online services
Increase the efficiency of banking systems
Capitalize on improving banking systems efficiency

Our competencies:

Working with a wide tech stack

Compliance with Equation manufacturer's ITP requirements

24/7 Multistream Processing support


Our gained experience allows us to reduce the goal-achieving time to the minimum

Budget Control

We are honest about all our operations, and notify our clients about even the slightest possible changes in the budgets of the development

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