Marketplace Service Monitoring

Marketplace System Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Solution

Marketplace Service Monitoring
What we did
System consultation and audit
Zabbix implementation
Prometheus implementation
Configuring alerts
Service and support

Client: BelVEB bank is one of the leaders in the field of FinTech in the country. The company uses high-tech banking solutions that comply with the best international practices.

Challenge: The need for quick diagnostics and prompt troubleshooting of the Marketplace system, which supposed to improve the quality of the service.

Solution: VEB Technologies implemented a software solution for system monitoring, configured graphical displays of current processes, as well as notifications about anomalies, which made it possible to minimize system failures.


  • Consulting and audit of the system were carried out, metrics for measurement and control were determined
  • Zabbix and Prometheus software solutions that study metrics data in real-time and identify possible problems, were implemented and configured
  • Data is visualized in Grafana for better display of system status
  • Sending notifications about anomalies to a convenient messenger for the customer was configured
  • The one-click transition from Grafana to Kibana for prompt troubleshooting was configured Service and support


Zabbix, Prometheus, ELK Kibana, Elasticsearch, Grafana

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