Cryptoplatform Monitoring

Creation and implementation of a solution for monitoring Finstore cryptocurrency exchange service

Cryptoplatform Monitoring
What we did
Analysis of IT architecture and business processes for Finstore service
Design of Finstore availability and performance indicators
Zabbix-Grafana technological stack implementation
Configure monitoring, thresholds and event notifications
Tech support and maintenance

Client: DFS LLC. The company is one of three HTP residents who received the status of a crypto platform operator. The mission of the company is to create a new effective instrument for saving money and investing, based on advanced information technologies.

Challenge: The company needed constant monitoring of the availability and performance of Finstore cryptocurrency exchange, one of its projects. To ensure the effective operation of the system it is necessary to monitor the behavior of its main indicators, timely identify potential issues and prevent incidents.

Solution: A team of VEB Technologies specialists developed a monitoring solution based on the Zabbix platform, which made it possible to proactively respond to events and prevent possible incidents.


Implementation process:

  • An analysis of the current state of the system was carried out. The customer together with business analysts of VEB Technologies determined the metrics required for measurement and control
  • A software solution was developed on the Zabbix platform for monitoring the main "health" indicators of the IT infrastructure
  • Forecast of free space on the server for the next 8 hours was configured
  • Automatic data clean-up at 15% free space left on the server was configured
  • Data is visualized in Grafana for easy display of system status
  • Sending notifications about reaching thresholds to a customer-friendly messenger was configured
  • Service and support were provided


Zabbix, ELK Kibana, Elasticsearch, Grafana

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