Blockchain Solution Development

Blockchain Notary

Blockchain Solution Development
What we did
Platform architecture development
Frontend and backend design
Integration into the country blockchain network
Using AVEST technology

Client: Large commercial bank from the Republic of Belarus.

Challenge: The need to switch to electronic document flow between the bank and the notary. The customer needed to simplify the procedure for obtaining a notary's executive notes to collect debts on loans.

Solution: Experienced blockchain developers of VEB Technologies created a platform for the delivery of bank documents to the notary. The documents stored and transferred safely, without any opportunity to change them unnoticed.


  • The platform architecture was developed on a Windows server, which stores information about loans and payments of individuals, with bank employees exclusively having the access to the server
  • Integration of the platform into the republican blockchain network for sending encrypted information to a notary
  • The generation of a hash sum for each document was added. It guaranteed the integrity and invariability of the concluded agreement, as well as eliminated the possibility of forgery or malicious distortion of information
  • AVEST public key technology was used to ensure the security and protection of information stored in the document
  • The front end and back end of the site were written, where forms for filling out, sending, and searching for documents were provided

Technologies:  .Net Core, Angular, AVEST, MS SQL 

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