Mobile App for "BelVEB" Bank

Design of a mobile application "UP"

Приложение UP
Mobile App for "BelVEB" Bank
What we did
iOS and Android design
Integration with Marketplace service
Acquiring connection
How we did it
Term: 7 months

Client: Bank BelVEB is one of the leaders in the FinTech domain among commercial banks of the country. The company uses high-tech banking solutions that meet the best international practices.

Challenge: The existing application was outdated and didn't meet modern standards and user expectations. The customer turned to VEB Technologies to develop a new mobile app.

Solution: A team of experienced developers created a modern and fully functional application called "UP". Users can easily manage their finances as well as use additional services of the bank's partners.


  • Consulting and business analysis were performed
  • The system architecture was designed. It allowed to significantly expand the functionality of the application and ensured its uninterrupted operations
  • Native mobile applications for iOS and Android with advanced functionality were developed. The features added included integrated allows the ability to transfer money using phone numbers, attaching cards of other banks to a single wallet, instant issuance of a virtual card, online ordering courier delivery with a bank card
  • Additional options for user access were added: PIN code, fingerprints, Face ID authentification
  • Integrations with online maps, which display bank branches, ATMs, and currency exchange were added
  • Integration with the Marketplace service, where users were able to quickly make online purchases, order tickets for events, call a taxi, or buy insurance online was added
  • Acquiring, which allows making non-cash mobile payments, was connected


Android: Clean Architecture + MVVM, RxJava, Dagger2, Kotlin 
IOS: Swift, Objective-C 
Backend: C#(ASP.NET, Net Core).
Frontend: Html+JS (Native, jQuery, Vue) + CSS (Sass, Less, Bootstrap, Buefy)

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