Zendesk Services Implementation

Zendesk is a company that creates the best solutions for progressive companies who want to implement the best possible customer service.

The Support Suite product is a platform for communication with customers and allows your business to naturally conduct conversations with customers without letting them notice what is happening behind the scenes.

The Support Suite allows you to track interactions across multiple channels: email, chat, phone, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, and others. The platform is fully adapted to your needs, customization is completely for your team.

Sales Suite is a platform that allows you to automate lead processing and quickly find better quality leads.

In Sales Suite, all emails, calls, chats, and contacts from other channels are immediately captured in a single-center which helps sellers to be more productive.

VEBTECH provides services for the implementation of Zendesk services.

Modern flexible CRM for your business

Zendesk creates software for support, sales, and customer engagement that is suitable for any business.

Zendesk software is fast to install, easy to use, and easy to scale to your needs.

All Zendesk products are customizable and tailored to the specifics of your organization. 


The full cycle of software testing is regulated and allows avoiding situations when released software readiness is doubtful


Development processes are simple and transparent to our clients. They are free to follow every stage of the development of their solutions

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